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I finished your book last night. I dont think i have ever read that many pages in one sitting before. It was most interesting. Very easy to read and i didnt get lost once. I laughed a few times as well.

Good book, John; I am impressed and I laughed a lot too!

My Grandson Cody absolutely loves all your books and he knows all the names of all the fish Thank You

Bee tails was so adorable and informative. You have such a fun way of writing for the kids and we all learn something from your books. They should do a play on your book, would be so much fun!!!

Ryan loves them! We read the bee one last night. Got a kick out of the Barb Bee references. He was giggling and I was groaning…so cute!

If your looking for a great kids book get Sharklock Bones Reef Tails by John L. Leone. Been reading the newly released book in his series. David loves it and wants to me to now find the others. It has the Jersey Shore in it. You can purchase it on Amazon.

“Loved the way each had there own story and yet they were similar in many ways. It lightly told of young men being lifted from their lives and asked to do the unthinkable. The book was written in a way that was very easy to read and light-hearted.

Great book, John. A refreshing change and testament, to the success and friendship and comradeship of Veterans!!

Just wanted to let you know that my 10 year old great nephew, who was having a problem reading the assigned books in school, read all 6 Sharklock books in one week.

This particular book has two mystery stories or “Tails”, was easy to read, and in my opinion is great for “tween-agers”. I know I enjoyed it as much as Sylvia and Annabelle and I want to order other books in the Sharklock Bones series.

I thought it was really funny that McFrugal caused each ghost to quit LOL! I definitely know a few people who just do.not.listen.

Complaint! I bought Bug Tails for my eleven year old. I went to bed early last night as I get up early and couldn’t get to sleep as my son in the next room kept laughing out loud reading your book.

Just read them all.I liked all the stories and I loved Zoo Tales.

I love how no one gets hurt or dies because that really shouldn’t be in childrens books.

Just love all your books! Have every one you wrote.

I recieved this book for my 7 year old daughter. Once she got it she read it right away and then re-told the story to me in detail. She of course didn’t get the reference to ‘Sherlock Holmes’ but I did and I loved the creativity of the story. I asked her to review this book in her own words and here it is:
“My name is Kyleigh. I love to read books. It’s my favorite thing to do when I can. I loved Sharklock Bones. It made me laugh. I like books that make me laugh. I want to read it again.”

Great! Bees are a hot topic right now.

Però devi essere molto simpatico e creativo . (translated from Italian: You must be very funny and creative)

For those of you with kids on your holiday list, check out the website for my friend, John L. Leone…….he is the author of a line of children’s books. John is a wonderful human being, with a great sense of humor & he was the best man at my wedding……so I can vouch for him!

As always, a delightful play on words. Keep up the good work in entertaining and educating our youth… and their parents!!

Your books are really funny and I hope there will be many more.

Whoa! Twenty thousand puns under the sea! Wonderfully original story that is really written for all ages. If you are reading this to a child, odds are you will be challenged to explain the relentless punning. Guaranteed to cause endless groaning and to put a smile on everyone’s face!

Just as expected, Kiara was thrilled with her books and asked me to say a very big ‘THANK YOU’ for them. The look on her face is one that made me smile for ages, her little blushes and squeals when she saw her name in them was beyond words. Thank you, thank you!!

This book is a playful tale about the major sites of Cape May. Children will take a journey around the town as Sharklock Bones and his colleagues try to solve a mystery about who or what is making the wailing sounds that is scaring the tourists. It is a quick and enjoyable little jog around town that is very informative. After reading this book, you may be inclined to take a trip to Cape May and see all the wonderful sights yourself.

John: You with your books are so creative.

I loved the story. It took me back to my time in the army. I was at Phu Bai in Nam and the way you told the story, it seemed like it was just yesterday. A great story and well written!

I liked how some characters were based on movies and some phrases lead to names. Each story was kid-friendly and everybody lives.

I loved the book and will be sending it down to my Great Nieces in Baltimore.

I love the little facts thrown in!

We just finished reading Whale Tails. Loved the character names. Can’t wait to read it to our grand daughter Addison!

Re: Fairy Tails! You really do have a way with words John.
There just isn’t any funnier guys out there.

Have to tell you a funny. My daughter and I were discussing the best way to prepare something , and she stated the obvious to me. My response to her: ” no kidding, sharklock bones!!” Lol

John, the website is great!! I enjoyed reading your history and the testimonials!! I certainly could add mine!! I don’t have grandchildren yet so I will pretend I got the books for my future grandchildren but the reality is, I loved reading the books myself. I find myself cracking up with all of your puns! You are such a great writer because you capture such a large audience of all ages!! Kudos!! Can’t wait for the next one!!

Ciera brought your books into her school to show her class recently and the teachers loved your books and was wondering if you would be interested in coming into her classroom to speak this Monday for Read Across America.

Your prose is nicely written with details that capture the reader and the manner in which you write will be enjoyable to readers both young and old. Right from the start your plot was very engaging. You do a nice job of slowly making your way through the story with details and a certain voice that allows your reader to really interact with the characters (who are all round and very nicely developed considering they are fish). You have used dialogue especially well in this book to help really create your characterization and move your plot along. Characterization is one of the most important elements of any successful story. You have crafted another quality piece of writing. Bravo!

Just as expected, Kiara was thrilled with her books and asked me to say a very big ‘THANK YOU’ for them. The look on her face is one that made me smile for ages, her little blushes and squeals when she saw her name in them was beyond words. Thank you, thank you!!

Love ur humor! Keep on keeping on!

Very nice web site. I am impressed!!.

I started your book today, its great, the story of every young boy in the 60’s.

Love love love these books!! They are great for kids of all ages!

This is Ty…..The books are awesome. thank you for writing these books. I like the stories. The shark is funny.

What a fun story! This third book from the Sharklock Bones series will take you on an amusing journey to the sea, where readers can dive into a life of fun characters, “Parrots of the Carob Bean and the missing ship, the Black Twirl”. John Leone has a special talent to lure readers into a world filled with puns and riddles. He created wonderful characters, which put smiles on everyone’s face. Sail with the famous fish detective Sharklock and his sidekick Doctor Flotsam and discover the mystery about the missing ship!

Very funny and informative, but how do you even think of all these puns?

If you want to see your child laughing, please read Sharklock Bones: Zoo Tails! Written with humor, this story introduces the reader to two mysteries, solved by the famous fish detective Sharklock and his team. It grabs your attention from the first line and keeps it to the end of the story. If your child likes to solve mysteries and play detective, then this book is worth keeping! Reading this book, children will meet fun characters, which will entertain them with funny puns and riddles. I recommend this fun book for slightly older children who like mystery and appreciate good humor.

Loved the book. I loved that although it is a children’s book for everyone, the puns were made for grownups.

My wife couldn’t stop laughing.

I guess I am still a kid because I love reading your books.

I’m shocked at how well they recalled everything- enjoyed the book and glad someone has brought these memories back.

“John Leone’s Sharklock Bones series (various titles) is a witty and creative collection of puns and cultural references, all with a watery twist! Appropriate for all ages, these books will connect with readers in a way that is worthy of sharing. I most love the movie references!”

This story is written with a touch of unusual humor. It is easy to read and follow the main characters. I was introduced to the Sharklock Bones series at one of the author’s days. Since then I became a fan of the famous fish detective Sharklock and his sidekick Doctor Flotsam. John Leone has written a series of books, which entertain children and grownups. I enjoyed following his amusing characters, cleverly described in each book. This intriguing mystery story with many puns and jokes made me laugh and long for more. If you want to have fun reading with your child, you should read Sharklock Bones and his future mysteries. This is an entertaining book for any age!

Hi John! The kids love the books and I read them too. Great….. Thanks again happy holidays.

John has written a series of children’s books that I have given and read to my Grandchildren,. I enjoy reading these books to my Grandchildren as John has a way with using words and puns in a funny way. I recommend any book in his Sharklock Bones series.

The book (on Sea Isle City) is very cute and has lots of interesting history. I learned a few things myself!

In my opinion this book was perfect for young children who are eager to read and want to find humor. With my children I feel reading is very important. This book is ideal for my kids and I look forward to more ‘tails’ from this author.

I was LOL with Lobster Tails. Couldn’t stop laughing about the optician’s store name C F Eyecare. You are toooooooooooooooooooo funny.(Happy face imogi)

We sent our grandson in Ohio your Pirate Tail book inside a nice treasure chest that we got at AC Moore along with some other goodies. The kids absolutely love the book. They gave it 2 thumbs up and my daughter-in-law said the babysitter was acting it out with my older granddaughter.

Just picked up John Leone’s latest book (Sharklock Bones: Fairy Tails). I have to say that every one he has written, even though he says they are children’s book, I have enjoyed. I would recommend everyone to get them for their children or grandchildren, but make sure you read them first because you’ll also enjoy them!

I liked the story of the Bee Tails. It was really cool!

OMG!! I couldn’t stop giggling!

I loved the book, I have a beach house at St James Plantation and I could not put the book down. Job well done my friend.

John, I bought two of your books for my grandson. Though he’s three, figured he’d grow into them. Now my son-in-law never laughs or smiles. Ever. Well, he picked up the books to read to his son. Did I tell you he never smiles? Well, John, he started laughing. He never laughs. And he kept on laughing. He laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. I couldn’t believe my ears. He loves your sense of humor in your books.

Got it! Love the book!

I read it cover to cover !! Brought back many memories !! Again great book !!

I love the characters that you have created for this story.

I bought this book even though my children are much older. I purchased for a friend’s granddaughter. But, in reading the book, I laughed so much! Yes, the kids will enjoy the book’s humor and all the fishes but the puns are hilarious! You will be laughing as you read this book to children. So although a children’s book, I had my 24 year old daughter read it and she laughed! You will not be disappointed in this book. Buy it for the kids and enjoy it yourself! Great job!

We have a camp arranged for next week and plan to use your books for some of the activities. We will let you know how it goes with our kids aged 5-9 years old. I read through Sharklock Bones: Zoo Tales the other day and it made me laugh out loud!

Love these Books. My Grandson makes us read them over and over to him. Thank You John L. Leone You’re the BEST !!!!!

I’m 70 and love your kind of humor!

I really loved all your jokes and how you came up with names and types of food. I believe you have inspired me to write a book!

I liked all the bee details in your Bee Tails.

Haha! just read the book (Sea Isle City Tales) and its adorable!!!! Love it!

Excellent and creative writings by one my most trusted and loyal friends throughout the years! His humor is one of Pixar and Disney caliber!

Great gift idea for the kids this Easter!! Who knows, you may enjoy the tales so much you’ll want to keep them for yourselves.

“Congrats on a great slice of life telling before Nam and after Nam. That point-of-view has never been expressed in books before in dealing with military memoirs. I read it in one sitting. Kudos for documenting this part of the VN experience that hardly ever gets told.”
“I really wish other veterans would follow suit in doing what you three gentlemen did. Not only does it fill-in a gap, but it also enriches the entire story of the four main characters. Thank you for re-directing the focus away from the war and turning it instead upon Marty, Tom, Don and yourself. Very smart, very insightful and very much needed.”

I ordered this book for our Granddaughters following a friend’s recommendation and enjoyed reading it very much. The author, John Leone, has a way of interjecting humor with his detective stories.

Not sure why you call them children’s books. They’re extremely funny for us grown-ups with all your references to old movies and plays and TV shows.

Interesting story with good plot twists. Adorable and funny!

The names are way too punny.

Although sold as a children’s book, adults will surely appreciate the humor within. The author is a master of puns and wordplay. Guaranteed to elicit laughs out loud (or maybe a groan or two). Very clever.

By you writing the books aimed at the kiddies, they will be learning and asking questions which will be helping them to understand what’s happening with the oceans and the dolphins. Well done, my man, you are a mold for the future activists. Good luck with your books!

Oh yes they r a lot of fun. I highly recommend to all adults, u won’t b disappointed.

Our granddaughter, Kiara, just LOVES your books!

A wonderful book for children. I highly recommend!

Just spent all Thanksgiving weekend on the John Leone, Author Extraordinaire, website. Really impressive John! I’m jealous. Wish I could find something to do that is fulfilling that doesn’t involve the electrical industry.

What a wonderful idea to make readers part of the book, where they can communicate using puns and word plays! In this book, children can easily interact with the awesome characters, wisely created by John Leone. Another great book for young readers! Read! Travel! Enjoy! Laugh

John Leone’s Us Guys: the Army, the 60’s (CreateSpace, 138 pp., $26.99, paper; $6.99, Kindle) is short, but well-written. Leone is a master of understatement, which serves to enhance his sharp wit. This nonfiction book is about four men who became friends fifty years ago after serving together in the Army: Leone, Martin Alexander, Tom Lovetere, and Don Garceau. They remain friends today.
Leone calls this a “scrapbook.” He says the stories in the book are not momentous, nor do they deal with calamities. They are about everyday things. There’s something poignant about everyday activities, though, when they are surrounded by war. The stories fasten on small transactions between different cultures in the war zone, memories, and experiences.
The four guys helped start the 187th Assault Helicopter Company, but were sent to different units when they arrived in Vietnam. Throughout the book, Leone talks about each man in individual chapters; there also are contributions written by each guiy
Leone has the ability to tell sharp, detailed narratives, most of which are funny. In the section about the Dominion of the Golden Dragon—the unofficial Navy award given to people on ships that cross the International Date Line—he writes: “To be sure, King Neptune was there with a beard looking astoundingly like a mop from the mess hall, as was Davy Jones, similarly regaled.” The rest of the story had me laughing out loud, as did the photo of the men and an official-looking crossing certificate.

There are other photos of the guys, past and present, as well as images of helicopters, Vietnamese markets, and beaches.
Photos of Vietnamese coins and paper money at first appeared to be a yawn. But as I looked at them, I was transported to Vietnam. Handing a coin that has scalloped edges and exotic engravings to a person whose language you don’t know can last in the mind forever. Proust with coin, you might say.
Leone is offering discounted copies of the book (for $20) to veterans. For info on ordering directly from the author, email

His website is
— Loana Hoylman

Your Sharklock books are so precious and cute. I do get a kick out of them and do enjoy your humor. So continue on, John, your stories/books are amazing! God Bless!

Just love those books!! It is full of puns n pictures are great!! Keep up writing these amazing stories!

A lesson I learned from Lobster Tails was to put my phone down while eating.

I served in the US Army from November 1966 through October 1968 with a tour in Vietnam. “Us Guys: the Army, the 1960’s” was a great read. It rekindled memories long forgotten. The focus on specific incidents of the overall military experience with recollections of youthful days were nostalgic and at times humorous. The book was an easy, one sitting read and should be a must for anyone who served in the 1960’s.

Thank you so much Babe.The book is great! Funny that even I can understand it!