Sharklock Bones: Reef Tails
by John L. Leone

List Price: $12.99
ISBN-10: 1503387127
ISBN-13: 978-1503387126

All the Sharklock Bones books in the series mention in one way or the other the problems we face with our oceans. Of the series, Reef Tails really tries to educate the young reader about these very problems and the steps being made to try to correct them.

The story or “tail”, while still full of puns and wordplays, delves into ocean ecology. It entails climate change, ocean acidity, the importance of the coral reefs, the effects of dredging on fish and the need for ocean cleanup, all in the Sharklock Bones entertaining manner. Adults can also learn quite a bit from this book.

The story background is a combination Who-Dun-It and the Voyage of Ulysses. This is, like the whole series, a children’s book the whole family can enjoy (and learn from!).

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Reef Tails