Sharklock Bones: Screenplays
by John L. Leone

List Price: $7.99
ISBN-10: 1505536529
ISBN-13: 978-1505536522

This is an anthology of the first ten books in the Sharklock Bones Fish Detective series. Illustrations were omitted and all twelve stories or “tails” from all ten books are here, complete, and in screenplay fashion for interaction by the readers or actors. Come on in, the water’s fine! Join the adventure!

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Workplace Woes: A Day At the Office
by John L. Leone

List Price: $7.99
• ISBN-10: 1508596565
• ISBN-13: 978-1508596561

A humorous look at the best and worst of the workplace featuring overbearing bosses, discontented employees and unusual working conditions. In other words, what we all face every day when we go to work! Four stories, each about a typical day in the office. Come along and laugh a little… or maybe a lot!

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Us Guys: the Army, the 60’s
by John L. Leone

List Price: $26.99
• ISBN-10: 1530792185
• ISBN-13: 978-1530792184

“Us Guys” is a story about growing up in the 60’s and being swept into the Army. Four kids from four backgrounds become friends. They meet in Alabama and then move on to North Carolina. There, they help establish one of the new Assault Helicopter Companies needed to transport troops in jungle areas. Next stop, California, onto an aircraft carrier to bring the helicopters to Vietnam. Then after a year, homeward bound. There are no combat stories here, just memories of a friendship among four guys which lasts to this day.

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Reviews for Us Guys: the Army, the 60’s by John L. Leone

“Congrats on a great slice of life telling before Nam and after Nam.  That point-of-view has never been expressed in books before in dealing with military memoirs.  I read it in one sitting.  Kudos for documenting this part of the VN experience that hardly ever gets told.”

“I really wish other veterans would follow suit in doing what you three gentlemen did.  Not only does it fill-in a gap, but it also enriches the entire story of the four main characters.  Thank you for re-directing the focus away from the war and turning it instead upon Marty, Tom, Don and yourself.  Very smart, very insightful and very much needed.”

John Brennan

I read it cover to cover !! Brought back many memories !! Again great book !!

Great book, John. A refreshing change and testament, to the success and friendship and comradeship of Veterans!!

I loved the story. It took me back to my time in the army. I was at Phu Bai in Nam and the way you told the story, it seemed like it was just yesterday. A great story and well written!

Review from The VVA Veteran

John Leone’s Us Guys: the Army, the 60’s (CreateSpace, 138 pp., $26.99, paper; $6.99, Kindle) is short, but well-written. Leone is a master of understatement, which serves to enhance his sharp wit. This nonfiction book is about four men who became friends fifty years ago after serving together in the Army: Leone, Martin Alexander, Tom Lovetere, and Don Garceau. They remain friends today.  more here

“Loved the way each had there own story and yet they were similar in many ways.  It lightly told of young men being lifted from their lives and asked to do the unthinkable.  The book was written in a way that was very easy to read and light-hearted.
I’m shocked at how well they recalled everything- enjoyed the book and glad someone has brought these memories back.”

I started your book today, its great, the story of every young boy in the 60’s.

I loved the book, I have a beach house at St James Plantation and I could not put the book down. Job well done my friend.

I finished your book last night. I dont think i have ever read that many pages in one sitting before. It was most interesting. Very easy to read and i didnt get lost once. I laughed a few times as well

I served in the US Army from November 1966 through October 1968 with a tour in Vietnam. “Us Guys: the Army, the 1960’s” was a great read. It rekindled memories long forgotten. The focus on specific incidents of the overall military experience with recollections of youthful days were nostalgic and at times humorous. The book was an easy, one sitting read and should be a must for anyone who served in the 1960’s.