Sharklock Bones: Lobster Tails
by John L. Leone

Lobster Tails

List Price: $12.99
ISBN-10: 1500266310
ISBN-13: 978-1500266318

This is a “tail” of Cher Izod and the world famous chef, Emerald. Cher is a lobster who is caught by Emerald, proprietor of an underwater restaurant called SWING AND ABYSS, who plans to cook her for dinner. However, Emerald is an obsessive “shellphone” addict. Cher, using advice from Sharklock Bones, uses Emerald’s obsession to buy valuable time. She introduces Emerald to the world of books and literature while trying to break his phone habit. Some of the works of literature include The Old Man and the Seal, Robinson Crisco, The Lizard of Aaahs, Moby Duck, and many more.

Some of the chefs in the “tail” include Sue Shee, Wolfbane Puck, Bobby Filet, Sue Flay and others.

The story is similar to the Tales of Scheherazade and her 1001 Arabian Nights and is entertaining for the whole family.

Reef Tails

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