Sharklock Bones Beach Towns: Cape May Tales
by John L. Leone

cape-may-cover-page-400-x-400List Price: $9.99
• ISBN-10: 1530285100
• ISBN-13: 978-1530285105

The hotel and motel owners of Cape May, NJ are worried about a ghost sighting and the possibility that the apparition will chase away tourists. They contact the Sharklock Bones Detective Agency to resolve this matter and to see if the “ghost” is dangerous. Sharklock dispatches Mike Hammer (a hammerhead shark, of course) and Data Dolphin to investigate. Hopefully, Mike’s brawn and Data’s brains will be enough to solve this ghostly mystery in one of the most picturesque beach towns of New Jersey. Come along, join in the adventure.

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Sharklock Bones Beach Towns: Ocean City Tales
by John L. Leone

Ocean-City-cover-400x400List Price: $9.99
• ISBN-10: 1530653525
• ISBN-13: 978-1530653522

“Ocean City Tales” is the second book in the series “Sharklock Bones Beach Towns”. Mike Hammer (a hammerhead shark, of course) and his associate, Data Dolphin, go to Ocean City, New Jersey. Their assignment is to investigate the legend of the Golden Buddha still in the hold of a wreck of the Ocean City coast of the Sindia, a ship sunk over a century before. Their journey takes them through Corson’s Inlet, the world famous Ocean City Boardwalk, the possibly “haunted” Flanders Hotel and then under the waves to the guts of a ship as a Nor’easter storm hits the coast. Lots of fun, come aboard and join our duo!

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Sharklock Bones Beach Towns: Sea Isle City Tales
by John L. Leone

400-x-400List Price: $9.99
• ISBN-10: 1533191700

“Sea Isle City Tales” is the third book in the Beach Towns Series. It features Mike Hammer, a talking shark detective, and his sidekick, Data Dolphin, a dolphin with a photographic memory.  In this installment, Mike and Data help Timmy C. Turtle, a sea turtle, who cannot locate his wife, Shelly.  Shelly is about to have their babies at any minute. Join our dynamic duo as they try to find Shelly in Sea Isle City in time!


Sharklock Bones Beach Towns: Return to Ocean City Tales
by John L. Leone

400x400List Price: $9.99
• ISBN-10: 1533431558

Sharklock Bones and his crew of talking animal detectives travel to Ocean City, New Jersey to attend the premier of a new stage production about Sharklock’s exploits. They uncover a plot for some thieves to pull a heist and make off with the box office receipts. At the same time, the Annual Ocean City Doo-Dah Parade is taking place providing cover for the thieves escape. This book is number 4 in the popular Sharklock Bones Beach Towns series.


Sharklock Bones Beach Towns: Wildwood Tales
by John L. Leone

wildwood-talesSeries: Sharklock Bones Beach Towns
Paperback: 26 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (February 8, 2017)
Language: English

Another shore mystery in the latest book in the children’s Beach Town series. In this tale, the detective team of Mike Hammer, a talking hammerhead shark, and Data Dolphin, a highly intelligent dolphin that talks too much, frantically search the town of Wildwood to try to find the strangely missing Sammy the Sea Turtle.


Sharklock Bones Beach Towns: Rehoboth Tales
by John L. Leone

  • Series: Sharklock Bones Beach Towns
  • Paperback: 26 pages
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1545410909
  • ISBN-13: 978-1545410905
  • Price $9.99

Number six in the ongoing Sharklock Bones Beach Town series, mysteries in beach towns along the Atlantic seaboard. This book investigates the sinking of the HMS Braak in the Delaware Bay, thought by many to be the work of the Sea Witch. Two amateur detectives, a talking hammerhead shark and a very intelligent dolphin, look into and solve the 200 year old mystery.