About John Leone

John Leone, author of the Sharklock Bones series, started writing the stories for his grandson in 2011. It was a word document and he added some clip art pictures. One of his friends proofread read the story and joked that John should put it in a book. As a Christmas present to his grandson, he did just that. Then his oldest granddaughter asked where her story was. Grandfathers don’t disappoint. He immediately went to work on the next one. John has six grandchildren. Consequently, there had to be at least six books in the Sharklock Bones series, one for each. There are now Fifteen Books and no doubt will be more.

John’s background has been in business management, marketing and sales, primarily in the electrical field. He served in the U. S. Army as a helicopter crew chief and mechanic in Viet Nam. He started a company specializing in computer protection called Computer Accessories quite a few years ago and remains President and CEO to this day.

The books in the Sharklock Bones series all follow a family friendly theme as well as informing the reader of ocean ecology problems and solutions. The young readers like the illustrations, the “tweens” like the role playing (the books are all written in screenplay fashion), the teens like the zaniness of the stories and the adults like the references to different songs, movies and pop icons from the past.

John  has started a new children’s series (Sharklock Bones Beach Towns) featuring mysteries in towns along the Jersey shore. These books also have a cast of talking animals, are shorter and teach a bit about the towns.  He has also published “Us Guys: the Army, the 60’s”, a trip down memory lane, as well as “Workplace Woes”, a comedy about the workplace.

John lives in Deptford, NJ with his wife, Cheryl. They share a love of history, reading and traveling as well as a love of each other.

Sharklock’s Comments On The Series

Hi, everyone, it’s me, Sharkie. When John and I started writing the Sharklock Bones series, we looked for a way to put our own “signature” on the stories.

Mother Goose had its rhymes, Dr. Seuss had its silly words, Harry Potter had its mysticism, Narnia had its wardrobe, the Magic Tree House had its … well, magic tree house and Wimpy Kid had his diaries. We are known for our wordplays and jokes. Grown-ups groan at our puns and kids giggle. We didn’t know of anyone else using puns to tell a tale. So puns – “signature” part one.

For characters, we picked sea creatures. Why not? After all, I live in Fishtown. All children like the inhabitants of aquariums. John’s first “field trip” with his grandson was to the Camden Adventure Aquarium. Sea creatures – “signature” part two.

We both like Sherlock Holmes stories. Obviously, it wasn’t too far a reach to come up with my name, Sharklock Bones! Ditto, Dr. Flotsam vs. Dr. Watson. Holmes-like stories and mysteries – “signature” part three.

Our children and grandchildren always enjoyed putting on their little plays and performances for us, the “older” audience. Consequently, all our little “tails” are written in screenplay fashion, “signature” part four.

Sign Fotolia_6266747_M - CopyFor reasons unbeknownst to us, children’s stories and movies seem to have an inordinate amount of violence and death. Apparently, all the heroes and heroines have evil stepparents, stepsisters and stepbrothers. In our Bones “tails”, no real violence, no one dies, no abuse and no character is really evil. “Signature” part five.

We like trick endings and most of our little “tails” have them. Then again, so do a lot of short stories; so we really don’t count that as part of our signature. But we do call all our mysteries and tales “tails” so there’s our final “signature” or mark.

So that’s what the Sharklock Bones series is known for – puns, sea creatures, Sherlock Holmes-style mysteries, screenplay for inter-action among readers, no violence and tales of “tails”.

Let the kids be kids, at least for the short time they’re reading these “tails”. They grow up fast enough as it is.


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